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"We can not describe how much Bret has not only helped our children but also our entire family! We will forever be grateful for Brett and how he helped our children heal!!! Thank you!" ~S. S.

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"Absolutely love Bret. He is helping my daughter and he is the BEST counselor she has had and she has had MANY in the last 3 years. Love and I would recommend for anyone needing counseling services!" ~R. O.

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"I enjoy working with Bret. I trust him and feel safe enough to be vulnerable" ~anon

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"My EMDR therapy sessions with Bret have reduced my trauma symptoms tremendously and helped me live a stronger, happier life. I would recommend EMDR to anyone that needs help getting through a tough life situation or past issues, this stuff really works!" ~MW

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"I have a very special connection with Bret, and I am certain that it begins with the truth found in Christ. His direct approach is special to me. He understands in a way I have never found, and is equipping me with the tools I need to grow."   ~John

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"My son has been seeing Bret for about 7 weeks and he seems to be comfortable with him, and seems to be making progress. Brett is also available to us for any questions and/or status reports."  ~anon

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"Thank you so very much for the wonderful worded paperwork I asked for from you. You are a good man."  Thank you." ~Arlen

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"Bret is perceptive and gentle.  He gets to the core of the problem in a way that make us feel at ease."   ~Avery B.

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"I found Bret to be very compassionate, genuine and professional in his treatment approach. I welcome the fact that his counseling is Christian based as that was an important aspect to me when seeking a counselor.  Warm and inviting atmosphere."  ~ Karmen B.

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"Bret is very understanding and every time I meet with him he seems to give me support no matter what kind of issues I bring to him."  ~ RVS

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 "Bret seemed very kind, trying real hard to understand my life. I did not feel uncomfortable like I thought I would, because I usually talk to a woman."  ~anon

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My husband and I met with Bret for premarital counseling. It was time well spent and we learned a lot about each other. He is a committed Christian counselor which was important to us. We appreciated his knowledge and insight.

I appreciate his knowledge and insight in dealing with life issues and human relationships. He is encouraging and helpful.  ~L.M.

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"I came here back in May as I had got out of Pinerest. Bret was very helpful."  ~anon

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