Carol's Testimonials

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Personal testimonials Carol has received from her clients

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Client chronic muscle pain

"I have known Carol for years. She is one of the most compassionate and caring people that I know. She is a great listener and is a very intuitive therapist. Carol first introduced me to medical massage and the benefits that it offered. I have benefited greatly from medical massage therapy."

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Prenatal Client

"Ouch! Ouch! My back hurts, my neck hurts, my feet hurt! This pregnancy pain is not fun. What to do?

A couple days later..

Wow, that feels great. My feet feel better. I feel relief in my shoulder blades. This massage is just wonderful! With her peaceful atmosphere and calming presence, her willingness to have a conversation or keep the time together quiet, her degree of training and her firm hand strength, the hour spent with Carol was definitely needed.”

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Relative Clients

“Both my mother and myself are clients of Carol Bennett. We have greatly benefitted from Carol's expertise.

As someone who has had two carpal tunnel surgeries, and still faces struggle with wrist use, Carol's massage provided immediate relief from the pain in my wrists. Her massage technique is exactly what I hoped for as a client. She uses just enough pressure to provide relief, but not so much that the process is uncomfortable.

My mother schedules appointments with Carol every 2-3 weeks for full body treatments. After her first appointment, she knew she would be a repeat client. My mother is near 80, and her time with Carol, as well as the exercises Carol has suggested she do between appointments, has increased her strength and range of motion. It is really quite amazing!

We both agree that one of Carol's greatest strengths is her rapport with her clients. Regardless of age or need, Carol is very in tune with what works best for her clients. Her voice is calm and soothing, and she works hard to relax and inform her clients by sharing why she is doing what she is doing, as well as informing the client before she switches to a different area of massage. We appreciate her and plan to be clients for a long time to come!"

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